Sunday, January 2, 2011

Looking Ahead to 2011

As the day slowly winds down and it is slightly over an hour before 2011, I'd thought I look ahead and share some of my hopes for the new year.

2011 will definitely be a year of excitement as I will gain new experiences. The two main things to look forward to would be working for the first time as well as entering university.

With regards to the job prospect, I will most probably be a relief teacher. I am equally excited, anxious as well as apprehensive because it is indeed a very important responsibility; one that may decide what the kids will do in future. I personally do not believe that the end result of one's education is only decided by oneself. That is because as a student, I have been influenced, shaped and moulded by many teachers who have illuminated my life in ways that extend beyond the classroom. And if one were to truly believe that one could learn by oneself, it is interesting to note that these adults do not home school their children and let them take national examinations as private candidates.

On top of that, I am fortunate to blessed with a side job of being an assistant instructor to a brass band. It is a scary experience because I do not know very much about brass instruments. Yet, as this job requires teaching and making music, what better that to bestow upon these children the gift of music? While my musical experience extends to a meagre eight years, I do hope that what little I could teach would allow these children an alternative outlet of expression that transcends any language, cultural and chronological barriers. As music has inspired me, I hope I would be a bridge for these children to cross which will allow them to be inspired in profound ways.

As for entering university, it is definitely an exciting prospect because it would be the final culmination of the many years of my education. The possibilities are boundless and I still have not a smidgen of an idea as to my major. But I am definitely looking to do a double major for I love too many subjects offered to choose just one. Nonetheless, it would definitely be a exciting trip.

On a personal note, 2011 would mean the year that I would turn 21 - a year that is considered to be the start of an adult life or as one friend puts it, "you're definitely going to prison and  get caned for whatever wrong you've done once you're 21... No way around it." It would be a year to explore maturity and what it means to be a man in this modern age. Something that interests and excites me at the same time. As for my aspirations in relation to my coming of age, I truly hope to be as all rounded as possible especially in the intellectual arena. Also, with regards to my physical condition, I definitely look forward to improving it and am sure the myriad of activities that university has to offer will hopefully aid me in that.

So here's to a wonderful and blessed 2011!!

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