Friday, April 30, 2010

Something I've Written a While Ago

Here's something that I found lying in my room. It is a poem written on 30th October 2005 in the dead of the night when I could not go to sleep. While I do not profess it to be any good, I thought it would be interesting to feature a literary fragment from my past.

Dreams of Past Pursuits

Flashes of dreams
in an unfortunate time,
that haunts and gave
me its worth of dime.

I rendered it as a hopeless
pursuit and sobered.
Yet it still haunts me
with intentions of a pervert.

Tell me now, O sickening things!
I aborted you and yet
you still leeched.

So tell me now, what
do you want from me!

Admit It, We Are Like Our Parents

Think about this: we are really like our parents. While we may rebel, start a new trend or consciously choose to be the opposite of the character of our parents, there is an essence of what they are in us.

My mum has this interesting habit of wrapping her books with cut-outs from magazines or newspapers when she was younger. This meant that all the great novels of hers are adorned with numerous pictures of her favourite celebrities. I used to resent that because this habit is odd and I do not want people to question me when I read the book in public. As such, I asked my mum if I could remove all the cut-outs and keep it neatly in a folder but she refused and told me if I am uncomfortable with it, I should not read the book. This stubborn refusal from her certainly made me cross and I had to be contented with reading the book at home.

As I am always ready to dismiss her as being a stick in the mud, today certainly proved that I am not much different either; I am as odd as my mother! As I was looking through my collection of books to pick my next read, I inevitably grimace at the old cut-outs that adorns my mother's books. However, after choosing a book that I wanted, the next thing I knew I was browsing a magazine sometime back and I instinctively took a scissors and cut out some of the pictures! While I do not adorn my books with the pictures, I cannot help but realising that I have the same habit as my mum of cutting stuff out that interest me!

Upon this realisation, I grinned to myself in full knowledge that a couple of decades later, when we are advanced enough that our cars can fly in the sky, my children will think that I am odd and an ancient relic to do so when I can get everything online.

So mum, if you ever happen to chance upon this post, I take my words back and I do wish you a very Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heard on the train

Boy: Mummy, maybe I will go out and play soccer with my friends tomorrow.

Mother: Aiyoh, you better study hard ah... exam coming already still want to play play play!

Boy: I'm not playing what...

Mother: Soccer is playing.

Boy: Where got? Soccer is exercise (grins)

Mother: ...


Boy:1 Mother: 0

God Bless the children of the world!