Thursday, December 27, 2012

Looking Back and Ahead

It's amazing to realise that I'm now well into my second year of university and 2012 will end in four days. Another amazingly embarassing fact is that I have not blogged ever since summer. I do hope this personal musing would be a start of a few posts before I retreat into my long period of silence as school begins to over occupy my life.
At the risk of causing my readers to roll their eyes, 2012 passed by in a flash. While it is as cliche as it comes, I seriously don't remember most of what happened this year. All I could remember is that I did my second semester of my first year, had my summer holidays with consists of not finding a job but an opportunity to act. My second year started in August and now I'm having my holidays again. That's all I remember really.
The past semester has been really hectic despite the fact that I managed to plan my modules in such a way that I get a four-day work week. But being in an exco of two CCAs and flamenco practice three times a week, rest was certainly not on the cards. For the first time in my academic career, I found myself writing into the wee hours of the morning the night before the deadline. Fortunately, all my assignments were submitted on time by the breadth of one's hair. Fast forward to yesterday, I got my results and it was nothing short of divine intervention - while my CAP (or some of you may know it as GPA) slipped by a wee bit, I did slightly better than expected. As the new semester comes around, it will be a hectic time as well since my responsibilities as an Exco member of both the Literary Society and Philosophy Interest Group have not ended. But as the famous poem goes, this too shall pass.
But if I were to pick a particular highlight of 2012, it would be during Christmas. I found my eventual decision somewhat intriguing because, truth be told, Christmas this year wasn't very 'Christmasy' at all. Perhaps I am just burnt out by the semester that has passed or perhaps the season was fraught with too much tragedy or that the rubbish Christmas lighting at Orchard Road affected the whole mood. Whatever it is, the yuletide cheer was somewhat muted this year. But I realised one thing - I just have too many things. The thought of receiving more gifts that I probably don't need suddenly made me anxious but as I worked through that anxiety, I experienced a drizzle of joy. I wrote the following line on Facebook:
"It's a wonderful feeling that, in the midst of presents and giving, you realise that you simply need nothing at all. That means you are well provided for and you're relatively contented with life's lot."
What a wonderful thought!
Looking ahead, I do hope that the 2013 will be one of creativity. I just got accepted into a playwriting class and I do hope to compose a few more poems that would be accepted in literary journals other than the one I started. The most exciting part of the year would be performing in a flamenco dance show which would be my first time dancing out of a school context. So a happy 2013 everyone!
Next up, I do hope I could expound on my experience as someone who has started writing for real as well as my thoughts of being a flamenco bailaor.
Till now, if you are not sick of reading this post.. I salute you and if you want to read more, why not read this!