Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Renewal of Commitment

My Dearest Readers,

I know most of you have probably given up on checking on my blog regularly due to my lack of updates. This is mainly due to the fact that I'm caught up with various freelance projects and temporary jobs; most of which are writing jobs.

While these writing jobs do not pay very well, at least they still offer a couple of bucks now and again. But over time, I realised that I'm still a creature of freedom and would love to be able to express myself without much restrictions. Hence, this is a renewal of my commitment to you people that I will update more often.

Having said that, one must realise that I am still in need of an income and it is an unfortunate fact that sometimes financial necessities may overshadow interest and passion. Hence, I am appealing to you readers to look through some of the ads by Google that are now up on the blog and click it only if it appeals to you.

Also, it would be much appreciated if you could steer any like-minded friends to this blog if you think they might be interested in the content that is here. Your help will go a long way as if I can generate some money through my writing here, I will be able to turn down some projects and devote more time to this space.

Finally, I would like to announce a new series that will be launched on this blog entitled, 'Pieces of Memory'. It is a feature on anything that evokes a sense of nostalgia in us as it reminds us of our childhood or it might even be from the previous generation. So watch this space!

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