Monday, May 21, 2012

Updates and Bukit Brown

The summer break is finally here! I apologise for not updating my blog throughout the second semester as I was drowning in my readings and other prosaic matters. I am sure I would be able to update this blog more often before the whole drudgery of school starts again.

It is a surreal experience to realise that I have just completed my first year of college. And while I may have given you readers the impression that I dread school completely, I do exaggerate. The workload may be overwhelming at times but I cherish the intellectual challenge. I do hope that my results for the semester that has just passed would not be too bad as I felt that there were a couple of papers that was rather difficult.

So what do I have to look forward to during this break? For starters, I have started flamenco classes; something which I have wanted to learn since I was a kid. The rhythms are slightly more complex that I am used to but it is indeed a welcomed change from my relatively sedentry lifestyle (hopefully I could lose a few pounds from all that dancing too). As to how the interest in this dance form started, I shall reserve it for another post. I am also resuming my Latin lessons; the language that everyone feels that it is dead or that it sounds nice regardless of how sordid the subject matter. Besides acquiring new hobbies and resuming others, I am glad that I getting some income from teaching drama at a secondary school and I hope that the children would be excited to learn new stuff as I am in teaching them. It does look like my summer holiday is filled with a myriad of activities. Here's to wishing that it would be a good and fruitful one!

Before I end this post, I would like to mention that I recently attended a talk on The Material Culture of Bukit Brown and have written about it here. I do hope this article would give you a clearer picture of what we stand to lose if Bukit Brown were to be destroyed. I am grateful for the opportunity in which The Kent Ridge Common (KRC) has given me to write for them. As such, I shall shift the focus of this blog to cover more of my personal issues and musings while the serious writings will be posted onto KRC. Of course, I would put a link to all the articles I have written there on this blog so that you can read those too.

As such, I would like to say a very big thank you to the few of you who actually reads my blog.

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