Thursday, January 7, 2010

Old Beginnings

The new year heralds a new beginning and a clean slate. Often, we are too engrossed in starting anew, to throw away what's past as if it were a drunk mistake and promise ourselves that this year will be better. Yet, it won't be long before we relent and get intoxicated with the mess of the world and am willing to throw the year away as it draws to a close. It is interesting how we acquire this habit as if we are going to live forever.

This new year, I realise that this habit is extreme. Have we not considered that the reason why we want to restart afresh is that things have gone so terribly off-course? 2009 was a shocking year for me as I left my JC, place my life to a grinding halt and see how all my friends grow up and take on their respective journeys.
As I sit there and savour all the wonderful memories I've had, I sometimes wonder why the little things that I share with different people have now become a memory and not a habit. Why did it stop? Why can't we commit? How can we not preserve the shrine but only take an occasional pilgrimage and reducing its frequency as time past?
This year, let's keep the beautiful things going rather than set useless resolutions for ourselves.

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