Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Days of Wellness

The motto of the Singapore Sun Festival, which ended recently on 12 October, is the art of living well. I'm glad that I was able be part of it quite a fair bit as I did enjoy myself in engaging in literature workshops by local playwright, Alfian Sa'at, and Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka. Additionally, the concert by the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra with James Galway as a guest performer was a treat to the ears as well as a good bonding experience with my flute teacher.

As the festival comes to an end, the one thing resonates the loudest with me is the aim of the festival itself. It is a 10-day event that caters to the celebration of life and wellness in terms of intellectual, spiritual as well as the physical. This is done in the form of concerts, workshops and gourmet events. After enjoying the festival, how does one continue to live well?

Taking cue from the festival itself, I guess one should enrich oneself intellectually, physically and spiritually and really take stock of our lives. Personally, I find taking stock of my life a very important step and I struggle with it. This is because while I'm clear that my life is often headed in the wrong direction, I often continue rushing headlong in that direction and I look back at it with disgust. Perhaps, we need a clean break from everything in order to truly look at ourselves in the mirror.

This is why I long for a long break that involves reading, writing, reflection and exercise. If I could just go away to somewhere distant, even if it just means Pulau Ubin rather than the Caribbean, and do all these... perhaps I will be enriched and be able to start life again with a clearer perspective. A typical day of my retreat will probably start like this...

1. Wake up and freshen up
2. Read the Bible
3. Read the news (possibly Time magazine rather than the local newspaper)
4. Go for a 30 min run
5. Bathe and eat (not at the same time of course)
6. Take a one hour nap
7. Read anything of my choice for 30 mins and make notes if necessary
8. Go out and jot down whatever comes to mind
9. Eat
10. Play the flute
11. Repeat no. 7
12. Wind down with some music
13. Eat
14. Review what I have written and perhaps write something about whatever that struck me
15. Repeat. 7
16. Laze around and falling alseep.

Anyone wanna join me???

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