Friday, May 8, 2009

In Search of Connection

I often grapple with myself on the issue of the degree of compromise to my privacy I'm willing to make with regards to my blog. I am a very private person and am very selective to reveal various details of myself. That explains why I'm only liberal in revealing my thoughts and outlook of life rather than personal details or emotions that I am experiencing. On this occasion, I may make an exception in revealing some of my private thoughts. However, this is dependent on the compulsion of the moment as I set on this journey of writing.

The main impetus to compose this post is the urgent need for self-expression and release. Yet, I still have to face the fact that writing is never an easy task as it is almost impossible to articulate the waves of intense and varied emotions one feels. Nevertheless, I shall attempt to spell it out in the frail hope of someone understanding my experience. If not, I shall do it for myself as these words may come in useful someday.

Having come thus far in my life, I am on a search for true human to human connection. One that is earnest and sincere. One that transcends over pleasantries or any form of conversation - a strong and unspoken knowledge that we will be there for each other come what may.

It is most lamentable and regrettable that earnest conversation has died as we are often shackled by obligations that is overwhelmed by diabetic pleasantry and flattery. This is most resounding when I noticed a friend reading a book that teaches one 'How to Talk to Anyone'. How can there be an instruction manual for an activity that stems from the heart? Such an instance is indeed a sign of how much complicated that we have evolved that we are unable to be sincere.

Therefore, as we have come to this, is it truly impossible to find back that sincerity and willingness in trying to reconnect with one another? Must we always rely on the advances of science and technology to aid us? Even so, the sincerity of the heart is still missing from that equation. To that question, Aye. We must remove all expectations we have of each other for that bogs us down and destroys any relationship. We must have a strong faith in the love we have for each other and know it in our hearts that we will be there. That shall be an example of the human spirit at its best.

Till then, I'm in search for that person....

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