Monday, May 4, 2015


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I am glad to announce that my exams are over and my summer break has started. If there is something I really want to accomplish during the summer break, it is to blog more often.

Once in a while, I will come across a couple of things or issues that compel me to talk about it and I would post a couple of lines on Facebook. But due to the immediacy of typing, I would either express it awkwardly or change my stance on it the next day. Blogging would help me gather my thoughts and perhaps express them in a more coherent way. 

While preparing for my exams, I cannot help but procrastinate once in a while. Everything seemed more interesting and even important such as the need to revamp this blog. I was tinkering with the layout of this blog to see if I could improve it but not many changes were made due to my lack of skills. 

In the process of  reviewing the layout, I could not help but notice how childish some of the content was. The category "social commentary" is quite pretentious. As such, I have changed it to "soap box" which is a better reflection of what those posts are. I am only offering my opinion on some issues and I do not pretend that those opinions necessarily contain profound insights. Additionally, I have also changed the "About Me" page. While reading it, I was cringing as if I ate a sour plum. I have changed its contents to a simpler and personable version while tutting away at my 17-year-old self who wrote it.  

I hope these changes will please you and do stick around as I have a few posts coming up! 

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