Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Adulterated Views

Don't you just hate it when someone does that? You're reading a blog post that has somewhat interested you and there is a photo, supposedly informative, that accompanies the text. You look at it - hoping that it will reinforce or illustrate what was written. But at the corner, or somewhere embedded, comes that grating text that serves as a declaration of one's non-existent photographic skill.  

Never has there been an act more pompous and selfish than branding photos in such a conspicuous manner. 

Now don't get me wrong, there are commercial and artistic circumstances in which a photographer has every right to do as he/she pleases. But more often than not, those who took the pains to create some form of watermark are 'photographers' whose only training in the craft is to push that button of a digital camera that automatically gives you an ideal setting or, worse still, iphonographers and their smart phone brethren. 

There's no conceivable reason for one to do so. Do they think that one will not know who took the photo? Do these people seriously think that someone will take their photo and make a ton of money by selling it to some publication? 

It only indicates that they are protective of their vanity rather than content presentation - to inform, entertain, inspire, compel, question, and provoke. Then again, they did succeed in provoking me to write this post. 

So what about the photos on my blog? Aside from photos of myself and friends, feel free to steal, covet, manipulate, re-create, and use all you want.  I couldn't care less and am actually flattered that you deem it to be good enough. 

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