Monday, August 12, 2013

Pieces of Memory: Butterfly Florida Water

I recently saw this in a neighbourhood shop and often wondered what it is used for. Prior to this sighting, the only recent contact I had with this product was at a Chinese barber. After a decent hair cut, the elderly barber poured this green liquid into a spray bottle and watered me as if he wanted hair to grow out of my neck. After ensuring that nothing out of the ordinary was happening to my neck, I noticed the scent. It reminded me of my childhood - that soothing and comfy scent of baby powder. As the reminiscence ended and I saw that it was selling for $1.90, I was very tempted to buy it but I hesitated. What exactly is it used for? Was it meant for women? What exactly is Florida Water?

Being a lazy nerd, I decided to consult what some would term as the "fount of all knowledge" and consulted wikipedia as well as source for some reviews about the product. To my relief, I found out that it's not strictly meant for women despite the packaging and that it is often used as a form of body splash or deodorant. The reviews for this product were neutral. Most of them complained that the scent does not stay for long but they liked the fact that the burning sensation is not very strong (there were some who felt that this was a bane). With this information at hand, I happily forked out a cent shy of two dollars. 

Having used it daily for two weeks, I'm happy to report that the money was very well spent! My memory of the scent was accurate and I love the powdery smell. While others may prefer a more masculine and woody tone, I prefer the way it is. The powdery scent helps to mask odours better than other scents. As for its staying power, it stayed for about three hours which I think is long enough - if you want to have a scent all day then use a cologne. The burn is negligible but it is certainly not advisable to apply it on freshly shaven areas or you'll be performing a jig as you'll be hopping around in pain. 

But the episode with the barber was not the very first contact I had with Butterfly Florida Water. I remember seeing rather often in mini marts and mama shops when I was young. It was for this very reason that I noticed the barber using it and the bottle sitting on the shelf in the first place. What I'm really interested in is how is it used by the previous generations? No one in my family seems to have used it or seen it in action which is really unfortunate.   

Have you used this product when you were young? Do you know of anyone from the old generation that used this? Tell me in the comments below! 


  1. Hi, I was researching this topic as well and came across your post. My mother in law said she used it post delivery of her children. She used it mainly for her hair as back in the days, they followed the strict post delivery confinement rules. See website for more details I am also using for my hair till my confinement days are over.

    1. Hello. Thank you for your comment. Fascinating, I never knew it's possible to use it for the hair. I guess the powdery smell keeps the hair smelling nice as well.

  2. Hi Isaac, where did you get it for $1.90?

  3. I did see a version of it in a "Value Shop" near the market at Bukit Batok west Ave 6... $1.95