Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I Would Appreciate If...

Have you heard of conversations such as when A says to B, "I would appreciate if you could inform me much earlier before hand in the future..."? Taking the phrase "I would appreciate if" as it is - without any context attached to it - the phrasing seems to be of a rather polite disposition. It seems to function as a prelude to the actual point you want to make - to soften the blow for the listener.

In contrast, a person equipped with a sharp tongue that draws blood with every sentence would say, "In the future, please inform me earlier" or worse still , "You better inform me earlier in the future!" Yet, in reality, conversations with the prelude tend to contain a confrontational undertone - no doubt, in varying degrees. Rather than softening the blow, it seems to be an avenue in which confrontations can be made without going into the profane. Can anyone think of an instance in which it is not confrontational?
As such, I often wonder if it is the case of the language evolving over time or has it always been used this way? Finally, if starting your request with "I would appreciate if" feels confrontational, what are the alternatives? I am not sure if there is a right answer to this one. But I would always phrase it like this:
"Hi, erm... I know it may be difficult in certain circumstances but is it possible that I am notified earlier for future events? Thanks!"
What do you all think? Am I being silly for pondering over such a minor issue? Leave your comments below...

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