Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sophomore Summer


After what seems to be an eternity, my summer break is finally here. The usual response is to fling all sorts of limbs in the air, do a jig and paint the town red. Unfortunately, I'm not the usual. It's the third day of my holidays and I'm inexplicably feeling out of sorts. Looking back at the semester that has just passed, I still wonder how I even survived it. Yes I know, as a friend told me last night, I say the same thing every semester. But this is by far the worst semester ever. I usually have a wee bit more pleasure than pain but the balance has been disproportionately inversed this semester.

So what lies ahead this summer? I intend to be a juggler and find part-time/freelance work that allows me to balance IPT/RT, flamenco and my writing. If I don't find any work, I shall dip my toes into the world of being a full time writer and try to produce a body of work for two writing competitions. Of course, I'm aware that I'm no where near calling myself a writer. More importantly, I have the luxury of just focusing on the writing and not having to worry about making ends meet. For that, I'm grateful. Another writing project, on top of the two competitions mentioned, that I may embark on would be to re-write a play. I took a playwriting module the past semester hoping to discover if that genre is right for me and that the stress of time and grades would make me a disciplined writer. Tragically, the final product was far from satisfactory and I hope to take it back to the drawing board and do it slowly this time.
Of course, I also intend to blog more this summer as a form of keeping track of my writing progress just to keep the grooves oiled and to maintain my acquaintance with words and flashes of expression. So here's to a much better summer that I'm currently experiencing. 

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