Monday, February 11, 2013


Caucasian woman blowing a kiss

Recently, The Writers Club held a little contest in which they asked people to compose any sort of literary work to the theme of Kiss as they were going on Kiss 92 for an interview. Here's my submission that they liked but unfortunately did not made it to the final edited broadcast due to time constraints.
Personally, it was written for fun and I certainly did not expect it to get selected. It is the sort of throw-away poems that one writes just to get into the groove of writing again. But for whatever attention it received, I am grateful.


 Of three kinds do you exist:
a desire, craze and memory.

Villainous you are to plague young
minds with dreams of princes and
third bases.

But blessed you are to lovers all
round as bliss accompanies these crazes.

Yet bitter you are with Love's death;
a parting gift from my missus.