Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sent With Insincerity

I have an irrational pet peeve. I dislike receiving emails that ends with "Sent from my iPad/iPhone." I'm not against people using whatever mobile devices that they may own. How could I? The majority of my emails are sent using an iPad. In fact, I'm composing this post with an iPad as well. I'm just against the notion that people left the default line in.

The notion of someone just glancing through my email and thumping a flat screen while being on their way to do something more important irks me. It is as if I'm really not important at all. And leaving that cursed line in is akin to publicly declaring the recipient's insignificance.

Sent from my iPad = you've given me something relatively unimportant to handle but I've to do it anyway to avoid further inconvenience. I'm typing this thing while doing a million other things; I'm so busy even to get rid of the default line.

So why is the default line so inappropriate? Many would feel that a business email is excusable as one needs to be quick in replying to clinch business deals. However, did you ever stop and think how the line may be informal? It's like putting in brackets in the body of the message and adding your own asides. It's as good as saying: by the way, I'm writing to you via my iPad just so you know. So in the grand scheme of things, how does that line fit into anything?

What about personal correspondence? It's already bad enough that we are sending hurried lines to each other rather than a thoughtful handwritten letter. But those few words are even more affronting. One can't even be bothered to change the default email signature because he has no time for anything, not even for you. As mentioned earlier, that line emphasises the mobility and hurried manner one is writing.

That line is merely a cheap advertising tool for product manufacturers to somehow remind us what their products can do. Since it serves no other purpose, let us change the default email signature shall we? If not for preserving relationships we have, then do it for my sanity. (if you're frowning at this post, I've told you my grouses are irrational)

Dear Apple/Nokia and mobile phones or tablets makers of the world,

We already know what your products can do. And you guys are famous enough. So save us the trouble and remove that wretched line please?

Yours insincerely,
Isaac Tan

Sent from my iPad (because you guys are too insignificant for me to even sit down and email you this letter)

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