Saturday, August 6, 2011

I Stand Corrected

For those who read my previous post entitled "Update", you would expect this post to be a rant. However, as the title suggests, I won't. Allow me to preface this by explaining why I'd thought that the Orientation Week (O Week) would not have been enjoyable at best and a total disaster at worst.

I am not a very sociable person and am a creature of comfort as I don't fancy myself getting dirty unnecessarily. Additionally, I am a student of the old school of thought when it comes to social conventions. Getting to know someone entails shaking hands, introducing oneself and engaging in some meaningful and thoughtful conversation.

 This overture could later be extended by  going on outings or gatherings to further develop this friendship. This is definitely a far cry from the wild cheering and somewhat meaningless games as people immediately categorise you based on how you acted throughout the whole thing.  

So what was different about this O Week? The truth is that it is not very much different from what I expected in terms of itinerary (actually it is slightly less wild than I expected which is fortunate for me) but what made a world of a difference is the people. Every single one of them. There is this sense of acceptance and open mindedness in the air; I have never felt judged or isolated in any way whenever I appear lukewarm about certain activities.

Instead, my group mates took stuff as it is and gave everyone a benefit of the doubt which was quite rare. Another aspect that made O Week great for me was that the House ICs did a great job of imbibing a sense of house spirit in me which was a miracle in itself.

So would I step forward to become an OGL or House IC? Nope (a leopard doesn't change its spots that easily) Would I crash for a couple of days? Maybe... with a leaning towards the affirmative.

To my fellow Topplers:

Thank you for making O Week such a wonderful experience! While I am sorry for not being able to get to know of you (our OG + crashers + seniors = one really huge group!!), I do hope that you enjoyed your O week as well.

I hope that in the days ahead, we would take time to get to know each other properly. And I do hope a friendship will develop from there; not just for the sake of tutorials but something that would last and enhance our lives in one way or another.

As to the leaders and seniors, thank you for being there and making O week great! O week won't be the same without you guys!

As such, I wish you the very best for your future, take care and keep in touch!

With much love...

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