Saturday, August 13, 2011


Dear Readers,

Welcome to the launch of a new feature on my blog! It's called, "Commonplace". Basically it is an online version of a commonplace book where I'll offer snatches of my thoughts, quotes or lines from books/magazines that caught my fancy.

In due recognition that I have started college and the workload is gradually piling up, commonplace will be great as I will still be able to provide you guys something to read and digest without taking too much time to compose them. And through these short entries, I hope that it will serve as a prelude to who I am in considering the material and content that interest me.  

So here's the first entry of Commonplace:

From the swirl of its initial letter to its sighing vowel and feather-soft final consonant, the very word - "swan" - suggests grace. Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky did not, after all, write Duck Pond

~ Untherthiner, Stefano (December, 2010). Swan Serenade. National Geographic, 57.

Whoever thought one can describe a swan by examining the linguistic construction of the noun attributed to it and extend the idea of gracefulness to music!

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