Saturday, July 9, 2011


For the very few who do follow my blog, you would probably realise that I tend to update this blog weekly with an assortment of features of various topics. However, this week will be slightly different as I will give you an update on what is going on with yours truly. 

Well, I have a confession to make... The reason why this week's post is not one of my regular features is because I was exhausted from writing about the Terracotta Warrior exhibition on another blog that I manage, Essential Culture. Well for those who have no idea what Essential Culture is or have not read my feature, you can start by clicking the link and liking the facebook page.

I am really glad that my feature has gotten two followers for the blog as it means I must be doing something right. I can't wait for it to be incredibly active where people will bounce around ideas and write articles just to increase one's cultural capital. At least that would be much of a consolation given the fact that I draw no income from the writing.

In my personal life, I am about to take my IPPT later today and will be waiting for college to start in less than a month. Aside from that, I am slightly occupied with the administrative errands with regards to registering for college as well as preparing for my flute exam in November.

Of course a big highlight (not in a good sense)  in the coming days would be my varsity orientation. If I survive that, I will probably write a short piece about that to my social peril. But in the spirit of freedom of expression, I must have my own opinion. Lofty as it sounds, it will turn out as sort of a rant but I will try not to overdo the ranting part for I do not want to bore you. 

I end this update in looking forward to the new and exciting opportunities that my future will bring and hope that I will continue with the writing when life gets busy. Who knows? Maybe all these thoughts that I lay it here will bring in a modest income in the future.

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