Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Personal Touch to Communication

Personalised Stamp and Calling Card

When one comes of age, the way one communicates change drastically. We no longer communicate with others through our parents nor do we reside withing their protection when it comes to honouring what we say. Instead, we leave our name and reputation in whatever we do and are solely accountable to the promises that we make. As such, I am a firm believer of acquiring personalised stationery as a symbol of independence and maturity.

While there are some who feel that going to such degree of personalisation is pompous, superficial and a waste of money, I beg to differ. The act of presenting your name is a sure sign of confidence in one's own identity and the details in the personalisation of your stationery emphasises that identity. Additionally, writing a polite letter or presenting your calling card with such details certainly come across as sincere as you are telling the other person that you are willing to go to an expense just to communicate with them. Let's face it, who wouldn't feel special if one were to receive something so unique?

Furthermore, there are several options when it comes to customisation and one need not go for the most exclusive or expensive option. Ordering a customised stamp to personalised your letter pad and 200 calling cards cost SGD $66. It is a relatively minor expense for something that will last for a very long time and afford you  a touch of sincerity, refinement and style. Having said that, let us look and the two items of stationery that one can easily customised.

Calling Card
The calling card is steeped in history as its tradition dates back to the 19th Century. Basically, the calling card is used as a tool to announce one's arrival or to express a formal greeting by turning the corner of the card downwards. While many of us will be confused should we follow the tradition to a tee, there are many modern ways of using it. I personally use it as a polite means of extending one's friendship and a line of communication to another person. It is certainly a memorable way of ensuring that the other person has your contact details.

For those who are looking for a recommendation, I got mine done at Focus Print. The great thing about their service is that they provide free design services and delivery. It certainly is extremely suitable for those who are busy and have no idea how to design using a computer. All you need to do is to go down to their office for an initial consultation and any revisions to the design will be made via. email. 

Stamp (from the desk of ....)
Initially, I wanted my own customised note pad with those words printed on every page. However, after much consideration, I realised that it would chalk up quite an expense in the long run. Hence, I came up with a practical and economical solution of ordering a stamp which would allow me to customise any letter pad by stamping my name at the top. After using it for a while, I realised that it really gives the paper that you are writing on some character and a totally different feeling that just scribbling on it and signing off.

The stamp can be ordered from Durachop. However, you need to provide the artwork yourself as they do not offer design services. The fantastic thing that I love about this company is that you can order via. email and collect it from their office after two working days. Most importantly, the prices are rather reasonable as my rubber stamp cost me SGD $9.

In the age of instant communciation, stylish customisation and a tip of the hat to the past definitely goes a long way.


  1. Zack, considered adding a Chinese red 'chop' as part of your identity? Relatively low cost, and will last a lifetime if not mishandled!

  2. Hello Jules! Thank you for reading my post! You're the only one that probably read through the whole thing rather than just glance through.

    Yes, I did consider a Chinese seal. The thing is, I'm not very fluent in mandarin. To use a Chinese seal in letters or memos and yet not be able to write fluently in Mandarin is embarrassing