Friday, June 3, 2011

Rewarding Consumers With Advertising

Being in a consumerist world, we are constantly bombarded with loads of advertisements and certainly thought that we have seen all that there is to advertising. But I realised I was wrong when I came across an advertising model by EmailCash Pro. The model adopted by EmailCash Pro is based on the idea that the consumer is rewarded on two fronts; monetarily and discovering new services that may be useful to them.  

They are rewarded monetarily as they earn points whenever they view an advertisement sent to their emails for 30 seconds. These points are later converted into monetary value at the end of each month in which they are able to cash out once it reaches a certain threshold. It must be noted that the monetary reward is not a lot if you do it alone. Yet, a small sum can be earned by referring the service to several people as you will earn extra points by doing so. 

Of course, as with all other forms of advertising, consumers are able to find services that will be useful to them. But what makes the EmailCash Pro model arguably more effective is that the monetary reward will motivate the consumers to truly stop and look through the advertisements. And correct me if I am wrong, the first step to any kind of advertising is really to get consumers to stop and stare isn't it?

Having said that, if you would like to find out more about the service or join it, click here. By clicking any of the links in this post and actually signing up for the service, you will be referred by me. I do hope my readers will consider joining the service as it is no harm getting more advertisements through your email while earning a little on the side. It will go a long way to sustaining this blog as the extra points I earned by my referrals will generate more revenue for me.

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