Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pieces of Memory: 555 Notebook

This simple and unassuming notebook is certainly an integral part of our childhood as well as our parents' younger days. I remember that I used to buy these notebooks in bulk as they usually go for 20 cents each. while I never really make full use of all of them, these notebooks are a repository of my thoughts, doodles and scribbles whenever the lessons in school are boring.

Not being contented with my childhood musings, I decided to investigate further into how such notebooks are used in the adult world all those years ago. In speaking at length with my older relatives, I am amazed at the many uses of the notebook.

Before Excel spreadsheets came into existence, these notebooks are primitive account books in which merchants record their transactions for the day. As for budding entrepreneurs, such books are the bane of their existence as the moneylenders will come hounding while waving it for them to pay off their debts. For the layman who wants to make a quick buck, the notebook becomes a punter's manual with all the supposed lucky numbers one can think of.

It is certainly interesting to see how this simple notebook resides in many pockets many years ago as it faithfully contains our dreams, hopes and struggles to make a living.

I plan to start some kind of a project using the 555 notebooks and would appreciate your suggestions.

What are your memories of the 555 notebook? What should I write in the notebooks? What other items brings back fond memories of your childhood? 

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  1. These notebooks were still around in my primary school days.. this means 21th century era.. I don't know much about them, but my parents said that these were once very popular back in their time...

  2. Hi..I m not sure whether u r still doing this project...actually I m a bit curious on why they name it 555 notebook...why the number 5

  3. Thank you for your comments. Till now, I've not written anything in them. I'm not sure why the number 5 too.