Monday, March 7, 2011

iPod Sleeves by Inkleaf Leather Co.

Recently, I have had the great honour of receiving Inkleaf Leather Co.'s new product, the iPod sleeve. Initially, I was considering to get one for my iPod Classic but was unsure if it would fit. To my surprise, they sent me a complimentary one to test it out. Hence, as a display of my appreciation, I decided to return the favour by writing a full review on their new product.

The Look

My first impression of the chestnut brown sleeve (other colours available: Buffalo Brown, Dark Mahogany, Mahogany) was how beautifully simple it is. The sleek lines and compact design makes the sleeve unassuming and yet exudes an old world charm. Additionally, such dimensions means that no bulk is added to your device. In other words, the sleeve is like a charming leather glove for your iPod. 

The leather feels sturdy and its close stitching at the sides makes it incredibly durable. It is unbelievable the sleeve is made by hand due to such a fine finish to the product. A quick survey with my family and friends elicit the same response which is a great testament to its fine workmanship.

The Fit

iPod Sleeve with iPod Classic
It is most unfortunate that the sleeve did not fit the iPod Classic as it is shorter in length and thicker than the iPod touch and iPhone. I had to use a great amount of strength to pull the device out of the sleeve as it was too tight. 

iPhone 3G(s) Vs. iPod Classic
Next, I decided to test it out with my iPhone 3G(s). It fits extremely well as evident from the following pictures.

iPod Sleeve with iPhone 3G (s)

While it fits like a glove, I was worried that the close fit of the sleeve to the phone may scratch its surface. On closer inspection, such worries are unfounded because the texture of the leather inside the sleeve is relatively smooth and the sleeve was made in such a way that the two panels part slightly when the phone is inserted into the sleeve. Therefore, the panels would not come in direct contact with the phone surface which eliminates the chance of it being scratched. 

Panels of Sleeve not Touching iPhone 3G(s)

As for the iPhone 4, I realised that it the fit was slightly loose as the iPhone 4 is slightly shorter and thinner as compared to the iPhone 3G (s). Hence, it would immediately slip out should you turn it upside down. Nonetheless, one is still able to buy the sleeve as long as you do not turn it upside down.

iPod Sleeve with iPhone 4
Lastly, I decided to test the sleeve out on Nokia E5. The results were the same as the iPhone 4.

iPod Sleeve with Nokia E5

Overall Satisfaction

While the sleeve could not fit my iPod Classic, I am incredibly satisfied with the overall look and feel. And it shall now be the new cover for my iPhone 3G(s). With regards to every shopping experience, the working ethic of the company is just as important as the product. In this regard, Joe and Stef (the people behind Inkleaf Leather Co.) has been kind in sending me a complimentary iPod sleeve.

They are also open to your suggestions as they tried to incorporate my idea of adding a pouch to the sleeve to keep one's earphones. Their initial experimentation in incorporating my idea failed and they had to order a new batch of leather to do it. Meanwhile, they immediately emailed me to explain what was happening and, in order not to keep me waiting, sent the chestnut brown sleeve as you see in the pictures. Such accountability to one's customers is rarely seen and indeed admirable which made my dealings with the company extremely enjoyable.

So for those who have an iPhone 3 or iPod Touch, the iPod sleeve is certainly a good buy and will add a touch of class and style to complement your device. For more information about Inkleaf Leather Co. you can visit their website by clicking here or access their Facebook page by clicking here.

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