Sunday, January 30, 2011

Woman of Steel, Heart of Gold

Do you know anyone that we can call a woman of steel? A successful, strong-willed and no-nonsense business woman perhaps? Well, the lady whose story I would like highlight in this post trumps anyone that we know, man or woman, because she has taken life by its horns and challenged it with a heart of gold. She is none other than Mdm Cai as featured on Channel 8's show, Dream Potters.

Mdm Cai's life is filled with unspeakable and continuous setbacks that most of us could never endure. She got herself into a bad marriage in which her husband left her, leaving her to take care of her in-laws. In addition, her own brother left the family and now she has the responsibility of taking care of four elderly parents. Furthermore, her son left her to take care of her grandson alone only to take him back after 19 years. Worst of all, Mdm Cai got news that her grandson jumped off a building a few years later.

What Mdm Cai went through is definitely comparable to Job in the Bible. Yet, what made her truly remarkable is the grace and goodness that is in her. After several years, she found her husband and he was very ill. Any woman would have left him to his own devices or, at best, send him to a home and pay for the first month of care or so. However, Mdm Cai took it upon herself to nurse him back to health and merely treat him as a friend. Her generosity and love was not to be repayed as her husband left her a second time and indulge in drinks, gambling and women.

Despite being betrayed and hurt several times, Mdm Cai certainly does not believe in once bitten, twice shy as she forgave him yet again and took him in her care when he was found to have dementia several years later. To top it all off, as she was taking care of her husband, she was struck with cancer and became blind as a result. Fortunately, she braved through that ordeal, recovered and return to taking care of her husband.

Now, how in the world does she possess such enormous strength, courage and love for others? To face such horrible things in her life, contemplated suicide and incredibly, decide against it and live her life in the service of others is absolutely saintly! When the production crew of Dream Potters visited her and asked if there is anything they could help, all she said was she wanted to raise funds to help others!

If one were to doubt the basic goodness of man, Mdm Cai is a living example to prove one otherwise.

To watch the episode of Dream Potters that features this amazing woman, click here.

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