Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mature Lamentations

I am turning 20 tomorrow. While I have no idea what happened to the past 19 years, I am excited to hit big 20. I have finally step out of the ambiguous category of being a "young adult" into a real adult. At this juncture, there are so many things to celebrate about but I shall take the road less taken and lament. Yet, do not be repulsed for there is a good reason to lament.
I am going to be 20 and here are my achievements:
  • Completing PSLE, O Levels, A Levels and a tad more to go before National Service is out of the way.
  • Got a place in University (which I am grateful and totally excited about).

Isn't it a cause to lament when after 20 years of living your achievements can be summed up with 2 bullet points?

In taking a leaf out of history, people my age have invented stuff, commanded legions of troops (Napoleon was an officer at 16) and even start to conquer the rest of the known world while I am sitting here wondering what am I doing. Why?

My point of lamentation stems from the fact that when I look back at my parents or even grandparents generation, they are out there shaping their destinies in their own little way. Be it finding a job or going on further up the path of education. Even with extremely limited choices then, they seem to know who they are and what they want. What is it with my generation that we are so scared to carve out something for ourselves?

Most importantly, I often ask myself: what are you so scared about? You have unlimited opportunities; chances your parents would kill for and you are hesitating?

I guess it's time to leap.

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