Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gender II

The most striking aspect of the picture is the colour contrast which highlights the comparison between male and females. The black font which details the struggle of females to be strong and adopting "masculine qualities" as opposed to the pink font to highlight the struggle of males hiding their vulnerable or "feminine side" while maintaining the perceived bravado. Such a contrast is certainly laced with a glaring irony that reveals the shallowness of societal perceptions.

What are masculine or feminine qualities anyway? Who decides the criteria? It is with such boundaries that lead to hypocrisy, insincerity, deprivation of love and depression. Who are we to truly judge?

I believe in the universal qualities of a human being. We all have our strengths, vulnerabilities, unspoken desires and dreams. And who is to say certain manifestations is out of line with what is male or female? Don't we all have male and female hormones? Therefore, isn't calling someone "masculine" or "feminine" denying part of oneself? By extension, isn't this is a prejudice of one's true identity?

At this juncture, I feel that it is important to touch on the issue of homosexuality. It is baffling that the world is so willing to condemn a demographic that they know so little about. Many would term the relationship as "unnatural", "perverse" and a string of derogatory terms that is unwise to repeat them in this post. This is certainly uncalled for because, as far as I know, there is no definitive research to prove whether homosexuality is inborn or bred (do feel free to correct me if I am wrong). Therefore, how can we judge something that we do not know?

With regards to the religious arguments (I can only speak for Christianity as it is the religion that I'm more inclined to), while the Bible does state that God does not condone homosexuality, there is this grey area with regards to one's hormones. If a male is born to have more female hormones than male and were to be attract to male, can this be called "unnatural" if he were so created? The bottom line to this huge cyclical argument of nature versus nurture is that it is presently totally inconclusive.

As a final note on homosexuality, the thing about this issue that really bugs me is that we often treat immoral behaviour by homosexuals much more severely than that of heterosexuals. Is a homosexual harbouring paedophilic desires and acting upon them worse than that of a heterosexual? Certainly not and it is totally ridiculous to assume that as both are acts that are abhorred and should be punished by law in the same measure. As such, while we are entitled to our own opinions, we should not treat homosexuals different from anyone else.

I'm sure we all face the dilemma of gender at various points in our lives but the beauty lies in the strength to truly embrace our identity as well as that of others fully. Go on, take a chance on yourself and others and be slow to judge.

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