Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Letter to the Forum

Dear readers, I've just written to the Straits Times Forum about our nation's postal service. In the event that my letter does not get published or is edited, I've decided to post my original letter here.

Singpost - Good Advertising Move but Should Improve Service Standards

I am writing in reaction to Singpost's advertising move in engaging artists to paint their post boxes as well as my recent experience at a post office. Firstly, I do congratulate Singpost's decisions to get artists to paint their post boxes as an effort to bring art to the city. It is a wonderful move to showcase our local artists as well as to inject vibrancy in the city while using the post boxes as a canvas. Additionally, this commissioning of artworks in celebration of the Youth Olympic Games is a wonderful reminder of our progress in being able to host such an event despite being a small nation.

However, a celebration of our nation’s progress must be matched by the progress of service standards of our postal service. In this case, two separate occasions at a particular Singpost branch have left me sorely disappointed. On both occasions, I was at a post office branch in my neighbourhood to post a greeting card to a friend studying overseas. When it was my turn, the staff failed to greet me and render their assistance in a polite manner. Furthermore, when I requested to buy stamps and obtain the necessary postmarks, they did not ask me if I would like to attach the stamps and the “By Air Mail” sticker myself. Worst of all, they took the letter from me and attached the stamps and sticker in such a nonchalant manner that it made the envelope appear very unsightly.

Such a service is unacceptable as not only did they fail to meet the basic service standards, it is also disrespectful to the customer by treating the letter in such a horrible fashion. While the practice of sending greeting cards and letters via. the postal service is uncommon nowadays, one must still treat the letter with respect for it contains the sincere thoughts and wishes of the sender. It also leaves a terrible impression on the recipient of the sender when the stamps and postmarks are attached in such a haphazard manner.

As such, I urge Singpost to review the service standards and practices of their staff as the standard of the national postal service does affect the image of the nation itself.

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