Monday, July 6, 2009

The Need to Create

Recently, I have been inspired to create something but I do not know what it is. The blame of such a compulsion can certainly be primarily shifted onto the documentary of Philip Glass as its main source of inspiration. Hearing him describe his process of writing music, his upbringing and how he remains undaunted by the multitudes of unfavourable reviews has left me stirring inside.

How does one create something out of nothing? In considering this process, it appears that we are in the likeness of God as we set on a process that He did billions of years ago. To able to create something, anything... is nothing short of a miracle. The need to create for me lies in the heart of expression. To creep out of the loneliness of our minds and to tell the world something is indeed a scary thing but a risk we must all take or risk dying inside. It is a scary thing because of what people think and this cannot be better described than what madam said - 'I hate to subject Art to people's bigotry'.

So what am I to create? What am I to scream to the whole world? Is my "Canvas" the digital pixels of this little blog that I do suspect almost no one reads? For now, Prelude shall indeed be my canvas. I plan to write two pieces to furnish Prelude. One is actually a literary project that aims to explore how we converse or at least how I converse. It is a series of writing in the most direct way possible. I have absolutely no idea how it would turn out because it would range from possibly ramblings that comes out of a stream of consciousness to a snapshots of words.

The second piece would be slightly more tame and sane than the first. In fact, it may even appear boring, cliche and totally unlike me. I just read the commemorative edition of Time magazine in which it is a cover of Michael Jackson. Surprisingly, the articles in there were indeed a balanced assessment of Michael. A sense of poignancy and melancholy filled me after reading these articles and looking at some of Michael's songs on Youtube as I intend to perhaps pen down (type actually) my own thoughts about his passing with heavy reference from the magazine.

On the side, an idea for a play has been lingering in my mind for quite a bit. It was actually sparked off by a request by my friend to write a play for a church Christmas production (the collaboration did not come to pass.. if you were wondering). Well, one of the most stale plots used for such productions would be an unbeliever being struck by calamity and repenting afterward. While such plots are the easiest to get the message through, is it really that realistic? Why can't the character come into knowing in the most mundane of circumstances? That was one of the possibilities I have been doodling around.

I do hope I will start on it very soon and not procrastinate.

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