Sunday, June 14, 2009

Letters Part Two

The main reason I posted Mr. Jenkinson's article as the first post is due to the fact that I do share the same sentiments as he had so articulately expressed. His article is certainly candid and reflective as he shares his attempts at being a long-distance father through his letter; offering whatever a daughter needs to hear and learn from her father.

It certainly strikes a chord when he muses that his daughter will not treasure the significance of his letters as it is a 'little more than a continuous attempt to find new ways to say I love you and I am thinking about you today.' The rationale behind such a routine activity stems from his own experience of how he treasures the letters he receives. Perhaps, when he is gone, the only physical manifestation of him for his daughter would be his letters. In these letters, she will see snippets of her father: his handwriting, choice of ink and stationery and his train of thoughts. Letters are time capsules that encapsulates the essence of the writer which is why when one passes on, it is sometimes hard to read their letters for they are 'too raw with soul' .

Reading his article certainly threw me back into the 'backcountry of despair' for I realised that no one values this form of communication anymore. I did try to revive that habit by sending a few emails, in which the enjoyment I draw from is far from that of sending an actual letter, to some of my friends but it never seem to last. Well, not that I blame any of them for the winds of the future does take us to many places at a fairly quick pace but it is always nice to stop once in a while and just take it all in.

The efficiency of communication that we experience now gives us many opportunities to communicate and such an excess has certainly let us to say much less when we want to communicate much more. It often leads to us being lost in translation. Thus, writing a letter results in a more sincere means of communication for we forced to say all we want to say within a page or two. This therefore means that we often put down thoughts and feelings that are truly important.

Having said so much, I thought it would be befitting to implore my gentle readers through a letter...

Dearest Reader,

Thank you for spending so much time reading through the article as well as my lament on the impending death of letter-writing. I do urge you into giving some thought in reconnecting to your friends by writing a thoughtful letter to them, even if it is through email.

We often have so many places to go at one time and as such, the pace of our hectic lives often makes us lose friendships and relationships if we don't hold onto them. At the end of the day, we may achieve so much... alone. So pick up a pen, or log into your email account and start dedicating some time to the shrine of friendship and never let the well of love run dry.

As for those who have recieved letters or emails and were too busy to reply to them, do take some time to do so. You'll be surprised what turns out.

Yours Truly

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