Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Dressing Room: A Sanctuary of Love

As a performer, one of the best aspects of performing that is not known to the audience is the dressing room. Amidst the madness of preparation, it is a sanctuary of love. Nothing brings me back more than a little trip to AC's dressing room after a dance performance.

The plan was to meet my friends who were performing to congratulate them on a job well done but I did not manage to do that because the dancers had a long farewell celebration on stage to mark the end of their run. Instead, I was overwhelmed by love, joy, happiness and sincerity. What greeted me in the dressing room was a glaring mess of multi-coloured post-it notes, cards and slips of papers stuck all over the walls and mirrors. They bare the well-wishes, many thanks and expressions of love from each other as well as friends. It was like a neon sign on Broadway that screams I LOVE YOU FOREVER!

It made me realise that such an act, while it may appear to be a tradition, is done in a communal feeling of sincerity in wishing the best for each other as well as a shared love for the stage. It is a heartening assurance that whatever happens, happens to all of them together and because they are together, everything will be fine. In a life that is full of ups and downs, I guess such an assurance is all that is needed.

As I revel in such a scene, I couldn't help but smiled as I went down memory lane and recalled the hours I took to write all those cards by hand and coming up with novel ways to surprise the recipients of my cards. Such a feeling certainly compelled me to run back to the stage, perform again and to receive as well as to give those cards again. In that communal experience, I'm sure the dancers will agree that nothing matters anymore but to be there with each other on stage...

If the notes can truly heal all wounds, I would spend every minute of my life to write those cards and send it to everyone.

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