Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quick Update

I am compelled to update my blog due to the fact that the latest post is several weeks ago. This compulsion is enhanced by many of my friends (who do not blog often) returning to the age old tradition of recording their thoughts down in a relatively public domain.

I am getting sick of booking in every weekend just to wait anxiously for five days before I can book out. This routine has certainly taken a toll on me due to the fact that my camp is far from my house and that the particular course that I am in never seems to end. I absolutely can't wait for the time when I start doing duty full time because the mindless regimentation do not apply much when I am off-duty and thus, gaining a little of myself back again. Of course, the ultimate freedom is still 526 days away which is slightly depressing.

I am glad that I managed to pack my weekends with activities and events that keeps me occupied and leave me feeling a little less blue. However, I still lament the fact that I am almost totally removed from my friends as I am utterly clueless about how they are getting along. The only contact I have would be through the impersonal facebook where the updates they put up gives me a rough idea of what they are doing. I do wish there were more chances of having reunions here and there just to catch up and have a nice chat.

Perhaps, the biggest highlight of my life right now is that I am slowly getting back into the groove of playing the flute again. Having the flexibility of my fingers moving along the instrument has gave me a great deal of satisfaction; much more than before I disrupted my lessons due to my enlistment into the army. I do look forward to getting my Grade 8 soon and working on my music in the hopes of being able to play at leisure and not just for the sake of taking the exams.

Another interesting thing that happened to me was a visit to the dance studio today as my cousin wanted to see the lessons they offer. It was their open house and they were giving their prospective customers a trial lesson. I attended the adult ballet class and did some plies for the sheer fun of it. Even though plies is merely an exercise and not a full choreography, being there in the studio made me realised how much I missed dancing. The bond I have with my fellow mates, the strong expression of oneself through the body and of course the exhilaration that performing brings... I can't wait to dance again... no matter how bad I am at it...

What is left of me is to hope and pray that the hours will pass like minutes and the minutes will pass like seconds before I am free to do what I love again.

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