Sunday, April 19, 2009

Experimentation: Blab at Work

Must one always think before they write? The recent happenings in my life often compels me to write in order to express myself and confide in whoever wishes to read. However, the problem often lies with the fact that the release I need through writing or the feelings that needs to be expressed is often complicated and incoherent. Therefore, for this post, I shall experiment just typing anything that compels me at the moment and not be bogged down by grammar or any rules of English. Of course, after the process is done, I shall edit it for coherence sake. So thank you for taking this journey with me.

Being in my current vocation course for a long period of ten weeks has placed me into a ruthless routine during the weekdays as I find myself being out of sorts the whole time through due to the ungodly waking hours. Yet, the real problem comes when I book out and while the rest of the world welcomes the weekend as they spend their meager pay painting the town red and just living the sights and sounds of the city, I wonder how to spend it productively. I have no reason to waste away my money at something that brings no joy not comfort to me but as I take a step back, I realise that this seemingly mindless activity provides the benefit of taking your mind off the fact that one has to book in a few days time. Therefore, in that sense, my scorn of the seeming frivolous and cheap thrills has made a fool out of me as I am plagued by the thought of booking in almost every waking hour since I have nothing to do at home.

Speaking of forgetting the blues of this routine life, I do cherish the times I have with my bunkmates. While I do confess that I do not subscribe to many of their philosophies, the mindless fun we have just being foolish certainly brings a sweet end to a terrible day. That one hour sacrifice of the much needed sleep is certainly worth it for while it does not enrich the soul in anyway, it does chase some of the blues away and make us less apprehensive about the new day as we look forward to the next night in the bunk.

Gah... lost the mood to write anymore... so there... snippets of my life for you... go figure...

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