Friday, March 27, 2009


Before I start this post proper, I am sure many of my gentle readers is utter confused at my choice of topics for this blog as I left some of my posts (especially the later ones) visibly hanging in the air. I do apologise for that as I am indeed rather busy with National Service and have neither the time nor the calmness of mind to sit down and write properly. As I have not updated my blog for quite a long time, I have decided that rather than launching into a ponderous discussion, I would just update my gentle readers on my current activities, pursuits and thoughts.

It was certainly weird to don that green uniform again as I count down to fulfilling my service to the nation. It really is a bitter-sweet feeling one has when one dons a uniform. To be frank, while one may feel restricted due to the regimentation being imposed on you, you may get a sense of pride from knowing you are serving those people who stare at you when you step out into the public. Of course, I must admit that while the stares are not necessarily that of respect but of curiosity of the new uniform but the thought of doing something for these people despite how insignificant your role is (mine is, in some ways....).Hence, I am frankly still struggling with the idea of being in the army but I can't deny that in some part of me (I really hate saying this) that there is some pride - pride in the service and of the attention you do get.

Besides that, I have been living in my head for quite a bit as I contemplate on activities I may take up for my self-nourishment. I am certainly anxious to know my full schedule so that I can return to my flute, reading and many other things that I plan to pick up to develop myself not only as a man of letters, a competent performer and to be in a pink of health.

That's all for now..

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