Friday, February 27, 2009

This I Believe

What do you believe in? If there is one principle, idea, thought or philosophy that you'll stick by no matter what happens, what would that be? I believe that each and everyone of us has a strong belief in something. Often, we relegate these beliefs to writing and relating to someone else but no progression is made except in a progression of words; orally or literary. However, ever so often it takes someone absolutely unexpected to actually act on their beliefs and actually change the world. Such individuals often makes us wake up and realise how passive we are and that it only takes a little more effort to actually change the world.

I found my inspiration in a seven-year-old boy named Tarak Mclain. His innocence and a deep set of beliefs led him to act on it and change his neighbourhood and obscure parts of the world. He has organised two fund-raisers to build schools in Thailand and often collects food for the homeless in his neighbourhood. Such seemingly trivial acts of love has made his neighbourhood, his family and friends spiritually uplifted. He is definitely the David in our midst as he sets out to tackle the Goliath of problems one dime at a time.

So what are you doing about your beliefs? It only takes very little to change the world so let us take our beliefs into the world. Let us write and talk about our beliefs openly. While our beliefs on sensitive issues may face the obstacles of censorship, I believe that if our rhetoric is delievered in a rational fashion with extra caution in explaining certain sensitive aspects.Yet, being tactful to all parties is very important. So let us act on our beliefs and make the world a better place step by step.

For those who are interested in Tarak Mclain's story, you may visit

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